Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous is one of my favorite games of all times. I remember the old school version back on my Commodore 64C and thought that it was ahead of its times even then. But now they have taken that Space Simulation Game to a whole new level!

Elite Dangerous Cockpit

With more than 400 Billion Star Systems to explore! Each with its own planets, space stations, and secrets. There is more here than you could ever see if you spent your whole life playing this game. You start out in a small ship with a few credits to your name and are thrust out into the galaxy to find your own fortune and fame. Many decide to run cargo missions for some cash, others such as myself prefer bounty hunting and the riches that brings. Still others go on to be explorers, miners, pirates, and politicians.

Elite Dangerous Small Space Station

There's too much in this game to even fully go over here but let me say that if you like space games even a little bit, this game wont disappoint!

The game itself is a buy one, play forever style game which I love. I'm so sick of subscription services. They do however charge for upgrades and expansions. They also have a Livery where you can buy customizations for your ship such as paint jobs and bobble heads for your dashboard. Below are links to buy directly from Frontier Software or I have included an option to purchase from Humble Bundle! Humble Bundle is great because it donates portions of the purchase to various charities. Enjoy and cya in the black!

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