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Posts: 11

Posts: 11
Product Features:
1. New 4 cells technology, voltage up to 16.8V;
2. 20000mAh capacity (real data);
3.16 protections, mainly:
4. Over-Discharge/Over-Current/Over-Temperature
5.Grade A 30C lithium battery;
6. V0 fireproof case;
7. Makes it easier to start almost all 12V cars, trucks, trailers etc. Approx 12V petrol 10.5L/diesel 9.0L
Size:232*86*33mm (L/W/H)
Output 1:12V (jump start)
Output 2:5V/1A, 5V/2A (digital devices)
Starting current:450A
Peak current:850A
Full charging time:about 7 hours
Operating temperature:-20℃~60℃
Lifetime:>1000 cycles
Packing:10pcs/CTN;G.W: 16KG;
CTN size:46*39*32cm
1.Emergency power to jump start 12V power off vehicles;
2.Back-up power to charge cellphones and other digital devices;
3.Integrated LED light: torch, flashing, SOS;
When to use:
1.Leave car unsed for a long time;
2.Car battery aged;
3.Forget to turn off car lights;
4.Car battery freezing to be inactive;
5.Even car battery broken.
1.Does a portable jump starter work just as well as a jump from a car battery?
A:Absolutely! Not only is it safe, it’s fast and easy. You don’t need to hunt down a neighbor or passer-by and take up their time. Veestb contains a 12V battery, similar to what’s in most cars (but much smaller capacity, obviously). The lithium-ion jump starter in Veestb is the perfect solution to a drained car battery.
2. What are the risks of jumping my car with a portable jump starter?
A:Luckily, Veestb is designed to reduce or eliminate as many risks as possible. Reverse-polarity protection and overcharge protection are just two of the many safety features built into the cables and battery pack. Generally speaking, there’s no way to eliminate 100% of the risk factor. In the past, improperly jumped vehicles have experienced damage to the battery and vehicle electrical system. Follow the directions in your Veestb manual and you should not be in any real danger.Customized Jump Starter
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