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11 days ago
Posts: 10
Product Features:
1.Healthy, non toxic, suitable forpipeline of pure water, drinking water.
2.Anti corrosion, non scaling;
3.Lighter weight.
5.Good appearance, smooth pipewall.
6.Small fluid resistance.
7.Mild color lusty,beautiful molding.
8.Easy installation: Fusion connection,Safety and reliable.
9.Long service life, pipeline in normal use can reach 50 years above.
Application Industry
Residence cold and hot water pipeline.
Industrial use water, conveying and drain of chemical agents.
Pure water, drinking pipe
Production conveying system of beverage and drug.
Air compressor use pipe
Other industry, agricultural pipe.
Parameters of PPR Fittings:

CE, ROHS, FDA, ASTM, ISO9001, 1SO14001 certified. We guarantee provide the qualified products with our customer
As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of nice lustre beauty moulding pp-r pipe fittings, DAZHENG will offer you the most competitive price. Should you be interested in it, please be free to wholesale the product with us.PP-R Tube
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