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Posts: 10
(HIFU)--- high intensity focused ultrasound output advantages:

- Replacement head—different transmitter transmit to the skin layers. From the skin surface conduction of high-energy focused ultrasound to the SMAS layer

- Non-invasive technique Instead of the traditional surgical face. No downtime, without injections, no surgery, no trace wrinkle skin rejuvenation.

- Fit any age, both men and women. SMAS contraction : collagen remodeling , elastine fiber contraction.

- The specified target multiple temperatures above 65-70 degrees on the skin layer in short time or above sonic focus high energy, forming ”heat cure” area, the focus cells are solidified, then ablation, fascia speedy improvement, to achieve cosmetic wrinkle effect.

- A layered high-precision emitter transmitter three times as similar instruments up to 15000 lines, greatly improving the cost effectiveness.

- Output 4-10MHZ broadband technology fits well with layered skin treatment technology.

Type Hifu
Input/ Output Power 300W, 180W
Voltage 220V/110V
Space Between Thermal Point 1.5MM-2.5MM step 0.1 MM
Energy 0.5-5J/cm2
Shot Length 8MM-25MM step 1MM
Shots 10000 shots
Screen 15 inch
Net Weight of machine 9KG
Net Weight of trolley 21KG
Hifu Machine manufacturers
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