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Understand the failure of the vacuum packaging mac

With the rapid development of commodity economy, automatic labeling machine price plays a very important role,and has made an important contribution to the development of China's national economy. Therefore, the packaging machine has become an indispensable equipment in many enterprises,with the continuous improvement of packaging machine technology, it solves the problem of keeping fresh and extending storage period for the food industry.And this shows the charm of vacuum packaging machine,but it's a machine,so there are a lot of questions that come up during use, but what to do?It's too much trouble to send it back to the factory,you can fix it yourself, but you can't.However, when we truly understand the vacuum packaging machine, we can easily master the vacuum packaging machine, thus enhancing its immunity.

According to the characteristics of the vacuum packaging machine, this paper gives a brief description of its faults, for your reference:

(1) low vacuum: this situation is not conducive to the preservation of food. Therefore, we need to clean the vacuum pump and replace the vacuum pump oil,clean or replace the exhaust filter,in case of air leakage, turn off the power after vacuuming.Check the solenoid valve, pipe joint, vacuum pump suction valve and the sealing gasket around the workshop for leakage.

(2) loud noise: this situation is very unfavorable for our working environment. If the injection machine manufacturer coupling is worn or broken, it should be replaced immediately;Check the solenoid valve for leakage and removal, and also check the exhaust filter plug or installation position is correct.

(3) oil leakage from vacuum pump: remove the oil return valve and clean it. If the oil window is loose, remove the oil window after oil drain,wrap the raw material or thin plastic film.

(4) heating does not stop: adjust the time relay to contact with socket or replace it immediately,when the control heating ac contactor is no longer in position, it should be repaired or replaced immediately.

(5) uneven or unsealing: adjust the heating time and temperature properly;If there is something attached to the heating cloth, it should be cleaned and replaced immediately. If the air bag is damaged, it should be replaced immediately to prevent the normal work from being affected.

(6) running bag phenomenon: replace or clean the pressure valve.When the pressurized air route is not ventilated properly, straighten and dredge the pressurized air route.

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